After locking down the entire world Wuhan in China returns to normalcy today

After numerous conspiracy theories about  China unleashing the deadly Coronavirus on the whole world have emerged and  the city of Wuhan in China being the epicentre of the outbreak and beginning of the pandemic, life went back to normal in this controversial city today.  After 76 days of lock down with 3500 deaths due to COVID- 19 in China out of which 3000 alone were in Wuhan the rail, air and surface transport have resumed service today. Images of Wuhan which have surfaced show people carrying about their routine life with a stoic normalcy. The only reminder of the grim past seems to be their mask covered faces. This pandemic unleashed havoc on the world killing a huge number of people and affecting many of them. The world economy has also been severely hit.

After locking down the entire world Wuhan in China returns to normalcy today

Although apparently Wuhan a city of 11 million people which was sealed by the Chinese authorities in late January seems to be returning to normal experts say that life here can never resume the earlier normalcy there is too much trauma within the exterior and a huge detrimental effect on life and business there. This reopening of Wuhan was decided after only 3 new cases were reported in the previous 3 weeks and no deaths were reported recently. In a briefing by the Deputy Mayor it was indicated that 94% of the businesses across Wuhan had resumed operations and companies were slowly calling back their employees.

It may remain a matter of debate whether things are normal or superficially normal in Wuhan but a reality check of the world, shows that this pandemic is creating global havoc with the number of deaths and those affected rising alarmingly with no end or abatement in sight !

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