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News website Scroll Punjab to launch its app in 2023

Many new platforms and businesses are now looking for ways to thrive in the digital space.

The more we talk about a few professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as companies and brands exceeding limits and going beyond what they expect out of themselves to reach their desired success, the more we feel the need to hold discussions around them. This is because most of these people and their brands and businesses grew over a period of time and were not created overnight. Hence, it is essential for people to see how well they went ahead in gaining the visions and aspirations with which they started everything. It is also important to understand here the mindsets of the business owners, who, with a positive attitude and approach, lead their brands to the top, even when industries remain overly saturated and competitive.

This is something Malkeet Singh has done with his news website brand Scroll Punjab founding it in December 2021. In just a year, the team at the Punjabi news site has come a long way and has shown tremendous potential to further propel forward in the industry. As if attaining this wasn’t enough for them, we hear now that they are gearing up to take the next step and launch their app in 2023.

It is incredible to know how rising platforms and businesses are already thinking beyond boundaries and looking for ways they can flourish in numerous incredible ways. What better way to do this than to dive deep into the digital space and acquire a larger web and mobile audience by launching an app? The founder asks.

He further says that the boom in the digital space has been surreal to notice, looking at how several young business owners with their new businesses have taken multiple steps ahead in their journey to challenge themselves and expand their presence worldwide. 

He and his team planned to do the same, and that is how they came to the conclusion of launching an app soon for the news website to bring news in real-time while still being honest and factual in reporting and news analysis.

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