Utilize the lockdown period by reviving your dead relationships and breathing new life into them

How many times have we heard others or we have ourselves told people that one or more of our relationships is going nowhere and has reached a dead end? While we keep complaining of a lack of time to sit back and address issues that might have crept into our relationships, on account of which they are suffering, the 21 day lock down period with ample time on our hand to be spent with our near and dear ones at home, has probably come as a boon for those with relationship crises. It is for us to make the most of this opportunity and breathe new life into the relationships that are suffering. It could be the relationship between husband and wife, between children and parents, between grandparents and the children or grandchildren, between siblings, or between relatives, living in a joint family

Utilize the lockdown period by reviving your dead relationships and breathing new life into them

So how do we do this? Here are a few pointers:

Firstly start off with positivity. The positivity being not to play blame games, not to point fingers at each other but to work towards the common objective of resolving issues.

Start spending time with each other, in the sense of actually participating in the tasks at hand. Show those around you that you care and are a part of the family. Do your bit and contribute.

Take the time to thank people around you for whatever they are doing or have been doing. Show them that you notice their good work and care and attention and take time to appreciate.

Try and eliminate stress out of your lives which is the cause of anger or irritation which you vent out on others. The best way to do it is the time and tested meditation technique.

Lastly and most importantly do your best to listen to your family members. Listening will increase your involvement and go a long way in repairing your relationships with all those around you.

So treat this period with positivity and do your best to make others round you breathe in the positivity that you create!

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