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President Narendra Modi had recently announced that in a bid to control the community transmission of the Coronavirus in its phase 3 stage, India would go on a lock down of 21 days. This move has impacted various companies and its production facilities. Samsung had earlier shut down its production in its Noida factory in India and now it is the turn of tech giant Apple in India to follow suit. 

The spokesperson for Samsung had  announced how the health and safety of their employees was their prime concern and therefore the decision of the closure had been taken keeping that in mind along with combining it as a show of solidarity and support for the Indian Government and the PM’s call for action to curb the menace of the spread of this dreaded virus.

Apple announced that it would shut down its production in India temporarily to adhere to the initiative of the government would wait and watch to decide on its resumption. The manufacturing partners of Apple are Foxconn and Wistron and their sources confirmed that their production has been stopped as per the lockdown notice issued by the government and under orders of the local authorities.

Wistron which is a supplier to Apple assembles IPhone 6S and Iphone 7 at its facility in Bengaluru. The topper in sales is Iphone XR which is being manufactured in Sriperumbudur, Chennai in the facility of Foxconn.

It is to be noted that Foxconn and Wistron are not only the manufacturing partners for Apple but other companies too, including well know brand Xiaomi.

In the scenario of this current lockdown in India of 21 days, other companies in the same segment namely – Motorola, Vivo, Realme, LG, Xiaomi and others have been affected strongly enough to suspend their production.

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