The towel that you use for cleanliness may be the most unclean – Do you know how?

All of us use towels to dry our bodies and face, but have you ever wondered what would happen if you discovered that this towel that you are using to keep yourself clean could be the source of infection and disease especially in the days of the rampant Coronavirus.

Yes, germs can live and breed on our towels unless we practice good hygiene. It is very important for us to wash our towels regularly.

Towels must be dried properly after use, because damp towels are a very good breeding ground for bacteria, as experts have revealed that with every wipe we transfer our skin bacteria on to the towel which then if left in dark and damp places become the breeding ground for bacteria.

If you use these towels on your body the bacteria is transferred on to you causing diseases.

So what are the tips we can follow to ensure proper towel hygiene?

Firstly we must wash our towels frequently, after 3 – 4 regular uses. Ordinary water and regular detergent may not kill the germs completely, so we must wash them in hot water and a detergent with activated oxygen bleach.

Secondly, never leave your towels wet or damp. They must be completely dried with a lot of ventilation so that bacteria and mold are avoided.

A cup of white vinegar can be added to the detergent to eliminate the chemical debris and hard water that may be stuck to the towel fibres.

We must also change our towels regularly and refrain from buying cheap quality towels.

Lastly and most importantly we must take care not to use the same towels even with our family members and partners. The risk of infectious diseases being passed on is very high if we do so.

In the current Coronavirus outbreak we must be extra careful to practice good towel hygiene to curb the spread of this deadly virus and disease.

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