Army chief – General Manoj Mukund Naravane – urges the armed forces to register the war cry of “har kaam desh kay naam “ in its anti covid 19 battle

In a media briefing held a short while ago on day 3 of the lockdown, the Army Chief began his address with the positivity of the greeting “Sat Sri Akal. “ He said that in the current scenario of the terrible crisis in India and the world, one had to pay careful attention to the rules and regulations laid out by the government. We should take care to abide by all the guidelines and directives of the civil administration and the government.

He said that his primary duty and priority as the Army Chief was “force protection.”He then went on to add that a person can do his or her duty  only if they take care of themselves to remain fit and healthy so that should be the prime focus for all in the army as well. In case they faced any health issues they should go to their nearest army camp and report it. For those who could not do that for some reason, they had helpline numbers they could call.

He acknowledged that social distancing was tough for the army personnel for tactical and operational reasons, like the forces employed in tanks, ambush or LMG. While that posed a challenge one could definitely look after their health and stay fit to avoid any health risks.

He went on to add that in view of this nationwide calamity all leaves would be cancelled and nobody would be allowed to proceed on leaves. This exercise of the non – sanction of leaves was indeed a repetition of the 2001 – 2002 Operation Parakram, where the same measures were adopted and it was  nothing new for the brave army personnel. The new Operation Namaste (a code name given by the Indian army for its fight against COVID – 19) was again a test of valour and he was confident that they would win it. He also went on to assure the army that their families would be well looked after.

Their duty and focus during these trying times should be to be driven by the motto of “ Har kaam Desh Kay Naam

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