Madhav Sheth- CEO Realme, confirms that his company will be introducing a smartwatch with Bluetooth speakers soon.

In a recent episode of the Realme YouTube series “Ask Madhav,” it was disclosed that the company would be launching its’ first smartwatch with Bluetooth speakers soon but detailed specifics or details were not disclosed about the same. Realme is planning to launch its blue tooth speakers this year along with its’ Realme TV.

A quick look at the Realme smartwatch shows that it bears a close resemblance to the Fitbit Versa which is available in black colour. From the sketchy information available so far, it is said that the new smartwatch will be easily affordable  at competitive prices.

In a first of its kind offering from Realme a fitness tracker priced at Rs 1,499 was introduced recently. A health assistant that functions 24/7 by issue water drink reminder,  keep a tab on your heart rate, give you idle alerts . The real time heart monitor according to claims made by the company will be customised as for its Indian users to yield more accurate results. This can be done on the basis of a PPG heart rate sensor that comes in the fitness band and can measure the correct heart rate every 5 minutes. The smart watch is set to come with a host of fitness features and more options of connectivity.

Sheth during a recent launch of the Realme X2 smartphone mentioned that the company was focussing on how to drive a connected eco system that would focus on 4 key areas that of Software, IoT enabled products, Smartphone, and accessories. CEO of Realme – Madhav Sheth also went on to add that the company that a good product is of no use if it cannot be made accessible to its customers. Developing a good and effective online and offline sales channel was being put in place to ensure product availability with ease of payments so that the customers can procure and use the products on offer from Realme.

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