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The newly launched Coronavirus tracker by Microsoft helps tracks Coronavirus cases worldwide 

In a novel technology introduction and in a bid to give its users information at their fingertips Microsoft introduced the innovative coronavirus tracker bing.com/covid  This tracker gives pertinent and up…

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 Amazon protest leads Pentagon to reconsider the Microsoft contract

The JEDI Or The Pentagon’s Joint Enterprise system has considered Amazon Web Services a market leader and a leading candidate in providing cloud computing services for a long time, however…

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“Dual Screen” Surface Duo could be launched sooner by Microsoft than expected.

Many tech giants are coming up with new features & other advancements for their products, also to keep up with the competition they face in the market. The recent tech…

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Samsung join hands with Microsoft for working on cloud based game streaming experience

Smartphone companies are working hard towards providing experience to users with the best game streaming services. Recent news suggests that smartphone giant Samsung is all set to join hands with…

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