The newly launched Coronavirus tracker by Microsoft helps tracks Coronavirus cases worldwide 

In a novel technology introduction and in a bid to give its users information at their fingertips Microsoft introduced the innovative coronavirus tracker 

This tracker gives pertinent and up to date information on the number of coronavirus cases with a country wise break up. This basic tracker comes along with Microsoft’s Bing products and not only gives the total number of coronavirus cases countrywide and globally but also splits it up into active and recovered cases also adding the number of deaths so far due to this virus. It was also noted that internet users can also track this through other web browsers like Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari.

This tracker compiles and sources information from reliable sources including CDC – the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention,   ECDC – the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and the WHO – the World Health Organisation

This tracker works in a simple way in which the user can click on any particular country and access data sourced by the tracker based on  videos, news stories and statistics related to the coronavirus outbreak in that particular country. In the USA a further state by state break up is also possible with this new feature along with news stories and videos that may be relevant to that particular region.

The accent here is on simplicity and ease of usage. The design of the web interface is simple and familiar to the users compared to what they may have seen online. The mobile interface has been designed simply too with the map on top and the statistics appearing at the bottom.

Not to be left far being in this technology race, Google too announced the launching of a website developed by Verily cited as its sister company, which is a subsidiary of Alphabet that is focused on providing healthcare services. The website of Google will not only limit the users to track infection and read news collated from various portals but impart necessary education and very valuable information on COVID – 19 symptoms and the risks associated with this dreaded infection. It will also provide information on local testing centres. Google will also source its information from reputed and credible sources like the WHO – the World Health Organisation and the Centres for Disease Control – CDC.





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