Speculation rife over why PM Narendra Modi has chosen the 5th April to display the bright side of our National Unity?

In his first video message after the lockdown to the nation on the 3rd of April at 9 a.m. Prime Minister Modi called for the second National initiative after the first one during the Janata curfew. PM Modi while complimenting the citizens of India for their massive support in staying indoors and abiding by all the rules and regulations in place during the current 21 day lock-down, said he would now seek their support with a new appeal. He went on to add that on the 5th of April 2020 all the people of the country were requested to switch off all their lights for 9 minutes at 9 pm to light a candle, “diya” or the flashlight of their mobile phones on their balconies or front doors, as a mark of unity and solidarity in our fight against the Coronavirus. Just before this request the PM had mentioned that everybody in the country must understand that they are not alone in this period of lock-down and the on -going battle against COVID-19.

Speculation rife over why PM Narendra Modi has chosen the 5th April to display the bright side of our National Unity?

Ever since this announcement, scientists, astrologers and the common man have jumped in to the fray to understand and debate the significance of this particular date, time and duration.

One theory talks about it being related to chapter 6 in “Yoga Vasishta” and how it was related to the principle of collective consciousness.

The astrological theory claims that the 9th of April and the time of 9 pm will double the effect of planet Mars and will help us in building up higher immunity and will power to battle these difficult times and overcome all obstacles,  even a great one like the Coronavirus.

Another theory with a base in numerology  attributes this to the summing up of the year 2020 to the number 4 which is related to the belief that the virus was spread during the transit of “ Rahu “ which is a no 4 and is now believed to be travelling through “ Budh Rashi “ which is a no 5 . Therefore the only date in April is 5th which includes both these numbers 4 & 5 and is auspicious for battling this dreaded disease. ( 5/4/2020 ) 

As for the common man all theories aside it is seen as a plea from the Prime Minister which they feel must be honoured if for nothing else , just as a show our solidarity and support – to lead us from darkness into light!

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