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Canada ranks 18th in Global passport power: out beats the USA

by rudhrah gourav
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Toronto, January 10, 2020

Although Canada does not yet figure in the top 10 of the 2020 Passport Index  in the world, it has upped several notches and gained an edge over its US counterpart which figured in the 19th position.

A list of 30 countries was reviewed for their global passport power, based on the total of their mobility score, and Canada stood 18th in the race in the latest passport index of 2020. The top spot went to Germany.

A list of the top countries included: Germany in the first place and a tie for the second spot that included Finland, Sweden and Spain. The countries that followed them in the list were: Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and New Zealand.

The Henley Passport Index and Global Mobility Report of 2020, which is another ranking, revealed Canada in the 9th spot. Canada was tied with Czech Republic, Australia, Malta, and New Zealand. All these countries had a score of 183. In a record of sorts, this was the 14th time that Canada had made it in the list of top 10 countries in this particular report and ranking.

Canada ranks 18th in Global passport power: out beats the USA

This ranking is primarily based on the number of countries a can travel to without acquiring a visa prior to his leaving the country.

In 2019, the Canadian passport ranked 6th in the Henley passport index. According to this ranking in 2019, there were 183 countries where Canadians could enter those countries without obtaining a visa. In the 6th position, the other countries that were tied for visa-free entry were – Greece, Belgium, The UK, Ireland, Norway, and the USA.

Last year, in the year 2019 the  Canadian passport was declared as one of the most powerful.  Even today, the Canadian passport ranks among the best passports in the world. However, as a safety measure, it is always advisable to check on the travel and visa rules in advance of the countries you want to travel to.

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