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New tool by Facebook to fight against misinformation related to COVID-19

Nowadays, people are spreading wrong and misinformation related to the spread of COVID-19. However, it is affecting the lives of various people because many people understand the wrong information as…

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After making it available to dual-camera phones, Facebook introduces the 3D photos feature to single-camera phones.

The recent advancement that the social media platform Facebook has made is to make available 3D photos feature for single-camera mobile devices. Recently, the company made an announcement on the…

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After WhatsApp, Facebook introduces the dark mode feature.

Since last year there were reports that the messaging/chat app WhatsApp will be enabling its dark mode feature for its users & recently it went ahead in doing so for…

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Signing up for Messenger without a Facebook account will no longer be possible.

Up until now, there have been many users who used the messenger app without a Facebook account. However, the same cannot continue anymore. Facebook has decided to change this &…

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