Panic And Fear Of Coronavirus Grips Citizens Who Are Down With Seasonal Cough Cold And Flu

In a very common phenomenon, with the change of seasons come the usual cough, cold and flu. However with the knowledge and information reaching all the citizens of India about coronavirus and its widespread risk worldwide, anybody who has a cough, cold or fever rushes to the doctor suspecting the deadly virus infection.

It is to be noted that apart from the illness with which the individual comes, there is a an elevated level of anxiety and stress that accompanies the illness due to the fear and panic of the possibility of getting infected by coronavirus.

Doctors are having a tough time ruling out coronavirus and explaining to the patients that this is indeed the normal seasonal cough and cold.

It is imperative to note at this point that even an ordinary cough and cold and the usual flu needs self -isolation. Any patient who self isolates and keeps away from public places and gatherings is doing a favour not only to others by not infecting them but to himself as well. This will help speed up their process of recovery and prevent secondary infections in their state of lowered immunity.

In March – April the weather in India changes and this change of season brings along with it the chances of infection resulting in cough, cold and flu. This year however in the wake of the coronavirus there is widespread fear and panic among the people.

It has come to light that elderly people in the age group of 60 and above and with pre-existing diseases are at a higher risk of the COVID – 19 infection and hence this age group is highly stressed and worried reveal health experts.

Anybody with flu like symptoms is rushing to get themselves screened for COVID – 19.  

It is the need of the hour to understand that all flu like symptoms are not coronavirus and people should refrain from getting stressed and paranoid. Proper precautions and increased hygiene levels must be adhered to by one and all irrespective of whether they are suffering from any symptoms or not.

With the focus on self – isolation these days one can use their time productively by reading, pursuing a hobby , bonding with family members and friends at home, listening to music and at all times ensuring that their stress levels are low thereby making the most of their period of isolation and working towards their own good health and well being !


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