Easy tips to follow to keep your heart healthy this lockdown

Coronavirus pandemic’s restrictions have changed our lives forever. We cannot walk on the street without wearing a mask and without following social distancing.

Yes, the new normal is all about following new norms to live healthily and fight off the virus from our lives till a vaccine comes in place.The lockdown phases of closedown, relaxations, and slowly reopening have affected our lives negatively. It is obvious that our body is facing issues because the mind is not that happy as it used to be earlier.

We need quick breaks if we are sitting in front of our PC or laptop throughout the day to complete our office work.We need good television serials or web series to keep us entertained on our weekends when earlier we used to venture out of our homes for shopping or watching the new movies with our loved ones in theatres.

Easy tips to follow to keep your heart healthy this lockdown

Health is more important than money nowadays. Because once health is gone, no amount of money can help save our lives in these testing times.Keeping your heart healthy is important as the heart is a vital organ of the body and hence, good nutritious food and physical fitness have to be followed.

Irrespective of whatever is your age, make sure you eat lots of green vegetables, fruits and avoid eating junk food and red meat because it is not at all good for your heart.

Wake up and sleep on time. Your heart knows what you are doing, so ensure to follow a routine by having proper fixed sleeping and waking hours. Make sure to take breaks whenever you feel a lot of stress in personal or professional life.

Going out and partying with friends is a strict NO-NO due to the pandemic. But that doesn’t mean you should find yourself lonely because it affects heart badly. Take your phone and start chatting with your friends and relatives. Video-calling is the best option to see each other and express your feelings and emotions on the phone.

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