Raghu Ram the Roadies Fame is on the Babymoon with her wife Natalie

Last year, it was Bollywood and TV industry hosting their weddings and just in short span of time, the actors used their social media account to share the
pictures of them expecting a new born.

Raghu Ram

The recent in the list has been Raghu ram who is famously known for his stint in roadies and his wife Natalie.

Few months ago, the rocking couple used Instagram to share a picture which showed that they are soon going to expect a new born baby in their family.

Currently, they are on a vacation and they shared the pictures of their baby
moon and after seeing that, we all want to go to the vacation.

While announcing their parenthood, they also shared a snap with their dog
ZUKZUK who is waiting quite patiently for the baby to arrive.

Currently, Raghu Ram wife Natalie is in the seventh month of her pregnancy and in no time the power couple would have a new born baby.
For more updates, it is recommended that you stay tuned.

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