4 best marketplaces for website flipping

Website in the current era has become an integral part of the businesses. They are used for various purposes such as business promotion, information sharing, e-commerce to name a few.

4 best marketplaces for website flipping

Day by day, the number of websites on the internet is certainly skyrocketing.

Thus, websites are now considered as more of a business rather than just a

In the last few years, a new concept has come up in the form of website
flipping. It is basically considered as purchasing and selling of websites and it is regarded as a very profitable business model.

So, today in this article, we would be discussing websites flipping platforms
where you can sell your domains and websites.


Flippa is probably the first site who started a website flipping platform. On this marketplace, you can easily find thousands of domains and sites listed.
The best part is that the following website comes up with escrow protection
such that secure payments can be processed and thus scams or frauds are

The domains and sites over here are sold on the basis of an auction system.

Digital point forum

Digital point forum is another very good website for website and domain

This platform is more suited for freelancers and webmasters who are looking to earn online rather than anything else.

Website broker

Website broker is another online marketplace for buying and selling domains.

Over here, you can find a number of visitors and thus you can expect a very
good price for your domain.

Also, a large number of websites and domains are auctioned here and thus if you flip your website here, you are potentially going to get a lot of buyers.


Afternic is another website that can be used for buying and selling of websites. Also, Afternic has collaborated alongside a number of websites and therefore if you list your website over here, it will be visible to other website platforms that they have formed a partnership with.

In addition, they also offer parking services for the domains that are present on their website.

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