If you want a smooth work-from-home-video-experience try out Google Meet with its host of new features

Keeping pace with the new work from home culture and technology that is all set to keep pace with it, and after Google Duo was launched it was time for  Google Meet to roll out new features to enhance the video experience of those working from home.

A set of new features were first introduced on Google Duo and immediately after that Google Meet joined the bandwagon by adding a set of features to its app based on those that were the most requested.

In the current pandemic scenario the work-from-home culture is the new norm and this is what necessitated the introduction of new features in Google Meet.

So what then are these features ? These include noise cancellation which is a very welcome feature when working from a remote location that may be prone to a lot of noise pollution and disturbance. The other feature is low light mode which is also a much needed welcome feature when working from home.  

If you want a smooth work-from-home-video-experience try out Google Meet with its host of new features

The users can have more control over the content they are sharing through the ‘Present a Chrome Tab’ which is available in higher quality.

In a blog post by Google it was announced that they had introduced the four most requested features. This followed the introduction of new features by Google Duo.

Smita Hashim who is the Director of Product development clarified that the technology used in these fetaures was akin to Google AI and this brings in an improvement in quality of the meeting and the the user’s experience. 

Google Meet is mostly used for business and work related purposes, and is very crucial to the work from home culture these days.

A tiled layout enabling the user to view 16 people at a time has been rolled out. This is a big improvement from the earlier 4 people who could be viewed at a time.

The objective of the new tiled layout feature is to enable larger meetings, improve the layouts of presentation and offer support to more devices.

The “Present a Chrome Tab” apart from introducing high quality videos also introduces the button of  “Present Now” which the user can see in the bottom right corner after joining a meeting. 

A user can also select an entire screen or a window.  Presentations can be shared too with the click of a button.

You also have the option of “Stop Presenting” by selecting the button on the bottom right.

Google Meet has attempted to launch user friendly and effective work from home apps.

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