The Samsung Galaxy watch Active 2 will be able to monitor your BP

South Korean Multinational Tech giant Samsung is all set to roll out a Health Monitor app which it is currently being developed as a new feature. A blood pressure monitoring capability is being developed it its’ Samsung galaxy watch Active 2

The development is geared towards introducing photoplethysmography or PPG which is a heart rate sensor on the watch through a new application. This will soon be available in its smart watch category. It will be termed as the Samsung Health Monitor and has already been approved by the South Korean regulators. It will be ready to be launched in the coming months.

This feature has been cleared by the government and has received all mandatory permissions including the one obtained from MFDS or the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of South Korea. It will be able over the counter. Although this will use a combination of PPG heart rate sensor and an electrode for the much needed electrocardiograms fitted to the watch for obtaining the BP rating an accurate reading would require calibration of the sensors with an actual blood pressure cuff by the user.

The Samsung Galaxy watch Active 2 will be able to monitor your BP

After taking the BP reading with a cuff the reading will be entered into the Samsung software by the user. The software will then use the watch to get readings with the numbers as a base.

The BP will be measured through pulse wave analysis and the heart rate monitoring sensors then track it.

The blood pressure is determined by a programme that analyses what the relationship is between the blood pressure change and the calibration value which in turn determines the blood pressure.

This watch will be available in two variants. A standalone 4G will be supported by the second watch. This will come equipped with internet and network connectivity, aiding users to make and receive voice calls even without their phones.

The single 44mm steel dial will come in gold, black or silver finish. This smart watch has already been put up for retail by the company and is being sold through offline channels. An e SIM is used to ensure that the users’ data is uninterrupted while using the smartwatch and they can receive and make calls too. There is an existing support for social media apps too. It also comes with multiple sensors to track a whole range of 39 physical activities. These include walking, cycling, swimming, running, rowing and so on. The Samsung Galaxy watch Active 2 is being awaited eagerly by its potential users and buyers.

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