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Interactive Map tracking the Coronavirus built as an ArcGIS dashboard.

John Hopkins University (JHU) has been instrumental in helping us track Coronavirus cases or COVID – 19 cases as they are officially called through real time tracking. This feature employs the use of an ArcGIS dashboard and the map retrieves data from a vast range of sources and is able to provide updates twice daily.

The data about Novel Coronavirus Cases comes by consolidating reports from different health and government sources. These include WHO, ECDC, US CDC, Dingxiangyuan and NHC.

With the spread of the virus more sources and sites have been included such as – CDC, WHO, DXY,ECDC, 1point3acres, NHC, BNO, Worldometers.info,  the state and national government health department as well as local media reports.

Geocoding by city or place help in reporting new coronavirus cases and they can be then accurately displayed on the map.

The data is displayed by means of graduated circles and the number of cases represents the size of the circle. This means that the size of the circle is based on the total number of reported coronavirus cases. This includes confirmed and presumptive positive cases that a geographic location has. The higher it is the larger the circle.

More cases have larger circles so the size of circles and the number of cases are related.

A legend icon placed at the upper – right hand side of the map can enable the users to see the different categories for sizing the circles

The spread of the Novel coronavirus is available on the GIS dashboard as a comprehensive overview and shows the progress of this virus as it infects people worldwide.

The top left side gives the total number of confirmed cases and is updated twice daily.

The list of cases as available by countries and administrative units is shown below that box

A user can click on any location and zoom to see further details.

This tool is very convenient and handy for people all over the world as real time tracking of COVID- 19 cases worldwide is at your fingertips.

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