After e – commerce gets a go ahead, day 1 of relaxed lockdown sees Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart -flooded with orders.

As per the new guidelines in lockdown 3.0 the Government has allowed e-commerce of non- essential items in green and orange zone. The Red zones are still under tough restrictions and there is no relaxation there.  Once the red zones transit to orange or green they will be eligible to receive e commerce supplies. It is said that these zones will be updated on a weekly basis. The prospective buyers can enter their pincodes on the Flipkart and Amazon sites and check their eligibility.

A great volume of business for these e-commerce sites comes from Metros that are currently under lockdown. It is to be noted that despite these relaxed guidelines from the Centre, each State Government has the liberty to implement its own sanctions and guidelines based on the Corona cases and situation in their respective states. As for the difficulties being faced by Flipkart and Amazon, the top one is of non- availability of stocks on their sites due to which they can’t deliver.

The popular categories of order post the easing of the recent lockdown showed a surge in home, apparel, electronics, and household product categories.

A source from Amazon was quoted as saying that baby clothes and electrical appliances have witnessed a maximum pick up on Amazon. The volume he said was close to the pre Covid day volumes. There are close to 5.5 lakh sellers on Amazon most of which are small businesses, and they had been severely affected during the lockdown but have now started receiving orders which is a good sign for their livelihood.  There have been requests to the Government to include the red zones too in the delivery of non-essential items.

Snapdeal which is focused on rural and semi urban areas also reported a surge in orders on the first day post the recent ease of lockdown.

The high numbers on all the ecommerce platforms is attributed to the pent up demands which could not be executed during the lockdown period. 

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