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Why is 1st May celebrated as International Labour Day?

May 1st also known as International Labour Day is declared as an official public holiday all over the world. This day marks the contribution of workers from all across the world and is celebrated every year to pay tribute to them.

The celebration of the first May Day in India dates back to the year 1923 when it was celebrated by the Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan in Madras  (now known as Chennai)  on May 1st 1923. Other countries like Cuba, China and others celebrate this.

The popular names ascribed to the 1st Of May are May Day, Worker’s Day and International Worker’s Day. Each country has a different story behind the origin of this day , however the underlying theme for the celebration in all the countries is that on this day the labour class took a stand against the exploitation and injustice that they were being singled out for.

 On 1st May 1923 when the first May Day was celebrated in India by the Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan it also saw the birth of the symbol that marks Labour Day i.e. the Red Flag. This Red flag has continued since then as a symbol of Labour Day.

Why is 1st May celebrated as International Labour Day?

The communist and socialist parties of India ear mark the linkage of this day to their respective labour movements.

 The International Labour Day is called by other names such as: Antarrashtriya Shramik Diwas, Kamgar Diwas, Kamgar Din, Maharashtra Day and Uzhaipalar Naal in Tamil.

The states of Maharashtra and Gujarat attained the statehood of Bombay what we now call Mumbai.  This is understandably then referred to as Maharashtra Day and Gujarat Day. In the year 1960 after Bombay (now called Mumbai) was divided along linguistic lines these two states were formed and divided based on linguistic lines.

The period of Industrial revolution saw how ill-treated the working class was by the US industrialists. They workers used to work 15 hours a day.  The doctors said that they needed a home and food for their children and above all in these difficult times since they could not go back to their family and would have had the risk of a Corona. The labour class on this day took up issues pertaining to money good luck and health .The era of industrialisation saw US industrialists exploiting the working class by making them work 15 hours a day. It was on May 1, 1886, that the labour class joined hands and revolted against what they termed as an unjust system and demanded paid leaves, proper breaks, and good wages.  

This incident marked the beginning of the celebration of May Day all across the world.

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