Bollywood celebrity Alia Bhatt’s message to people not to abandon their pets due to the Coronavirus scare touches the hearts of all pet lovers

Social media has been flooded with videos and posts of animals especially dogs being subjected to abandonment by pet owners who fear that they and their families face a high risk of Coronavirus since dogs and animals are responsible for its spread. A lot of misinformation is being created around this issue with people lapping it up without verifying its authenticity and resorting quickly to abandoning their pets. 

27 year old Alia with took it upon herself through her social media – Instagram account which had 44.6 million followers to spread awareness that there was no proof that dogs and animals were capable of spreading the deadly virus.

Alia drew from Rajesh Tope Maharashtra’s  Health Ministers statement which mentions that domesticated animals the world over have as yet not been proven to be the cause of  spreading the dreaded Coronavirus therefore they should not be discarded or abandoned.

The star then went on to stress on the importance of hand hygiene especially before after touching them and their food.

Alia urged people not to go close to their pets if they themselves were feeling unwell.

Bollywood has a fair share of dog lovers and Bollywood celebrities like Anushka Sharma. Preity Zinta Rohit Shetty and many others have come forward with a message to all pet parents that of staying with their pets in these difficult times and not quoting this pandemic as a reason for their abandonment.

This action of pet abandonment once again shows us how if social media is not used wisely it can create a lot of wrong, unverified reports which are spread like wild fire in a matter of seconds. But if the power of social media is harnessed in the right direction – just like Alia did in her message it can do away with a lot of misconceptions and help people differentiate the right from the wrong, the genuine information from  the fake and unverified news.

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