The stroke of midnight will mark the beginning of a nationwide 21 day lockdown in India – announces PM Modi in a live telecast this evening

PM Modi in a quick succession of live addresses to the nation followed up his first live address less than a week ago with a second one this evening. The key points of which were as follows:

He began his speech by extending his heartfelt thanks to the nation for their wonderful cooperation during the Janata curfew on 22nd March 2020, and went on to say how the growing pandemic  which had 190 countries under its deadly grip , has compelled the government to consider  implementing strict measures to try and curb the same. This strong measure would be in the form of a 21 day lock down of the entire nation with a complete restriction on movement except for essential items and services.

The Indian Railways announcement of the suspension of  all passenger services till April 14, came soon after the P.M’s  21 day lockdown announcement. It was however clarified by them that freight movement with all essential commodities all over the country would remain uninterrupted and unaffected.

This move supported the P.M’s decision to do everything possible to combat COVID – 19.

The P.M mentioned that this measure would definitely have a negative impact on the Indian economy and cost but he felt that that was too small a price to pay as compared to the cost of saving peoples’ lives. He added that even developed nations were bearing the negative consequences of this virus attack.

PM Narendra Modi, went on to reiterate the concept and benefits of “ social distancing “ as the only effective way currently to save our families and ourselves. He went on to explain how the “social distancing “ was not limited only to those who had contacted the infection but affected all individuals irrespective of their current health condition.

He also insisted on how if the social distancing measures were not adopted properly it would result in grave outcomes including a high loss of lives.

Citizens were informed by him that unlike the Janata curfew, this ban had stricter rules in place and harsher consequences for non-abiders and reckless order flaunters.

This isolation was very important to break the chain of the deadly virus and the human transmission from one person to another.

He drew a comparison from Hindu mythology to make the concept clear. He said outside each individual’s door there would be a “Lakshmanrekha “ or an imaginary line which a person should not cross . Thus making it imperative for all individuals to indoors.

He said If the citizens of India did not pay careful attention to these measures they would be pushed back by 21 years and so would the country.

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