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UK Creates a milestone by administering a COVID-19 vaccine’s 10 million first doses

COVID-19 vaccine

In a press briefing at Downing Street, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has lauded the milestone of administering 10 million first doses of a Covid-19 vaccine.

The Prime Minister while expressing concern at the very high rate of the coronavirus infection currently prevalent in the UK has also expressed hope after  a landmark has been created in the COVID-19 vaccination.

UK Creates a milestone by administering a COVID-19 vaccine’s 10 million first doses

The Chief Medical Officer of England, Chris Whitty, has however mentioned that they have crossed the peak of the latest wave. He supported the PM’s statement acknowledging the alarmingly high wave of the coronavirus infection. He did not discount the possibility of the infection coming back and exerting extraordinary pressure on the NHS once again.

The latest statistics show 19,202 new cases, and 1,322 deaths recorded within 28 days of testing positive for the coronavirus.

Chris Whitty mentioned that they were on a downward slope, hospitalization rates were a little slower, and deaths totaled across all the four nations of The UK were lower. This gave him and his friends reason to believe that they were past the peak. Although the rate of hospitalization had reduced it was still higher than the one during the first peak in April he added.

He advised caution and strict adherence to the COVID- 19 guidelines to prevent a resurgence of the infection, since that was a high possibility too. Commenting on the deaths he said that he did not see an immediate decrease in the numbers and they would continue to remain high for a while.

A target of 15 million jabs by mid-February has been set by the Ministers that cover people who are most likely to get infected, and with the on-going trend of vaccinations, they seem to be on course.

The current guidelines set for the coronavirus will continue and no relaxation is foreseen in the near future considering the existing high rates of infection.

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