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Residents of Brisbane extremely worried over the new quarantine

Residents of Brisbane extremely worried over the new quarantine

Brisbane, January 14, 2021

Quarantined travellers from the Grand Chancellor moved to the Westin Hotel in the city centre raising huge concerns from the residents in that area.

In a bid to control the rise in infections from the new UK COVID-19 strain, Brisbane, shifted quarantined travellers from the Grand Chancellor, to The Westin Hotel in the city centre.

Ambulance loads of high-risk travellers were transported from the Grand Chancellor that had a high rate of Coronavirus infections to the Westin hotel.

A resident of Westin voiced his concern saying that they were all being exposed to the daily risk of running into the police, the army personnel, cleaners, and hotel workers all who may be infected with COVID and housing a high risk of transmission as potential carriers.

Residents of Brisbane extremely worried over the new quarantine

The five-star luxury hotel, Westin had been ear marked as the new quarantine centre for high-risk COVID -19 quarantine people.

The hotel has inmates who are either quarantined or are permanent residents. The residents have expressed concerns on their safety, in the wake of the new movement of high-risk people. The Chief Health Officer of Queensland, Dr Jeannette Young has however assured them and said that they had taken every precaution to ensure that the shifting was done safely and with proper safety measures. It is also being said that the quarantine staff and guests will have no access or contact with the residential block of the Westin hotel.

The residents, however, do not seem to be convinced as yet continue to be worried though about the danger and high risk of transmission. The quarantined travellers too are not happy either. A few of them have had negative tests repeatedly and are still being told to continue in quarantine well beyond 14 days.

In a positive development, no new cases linked to the Grand Chancellor outbreak have been reported.

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