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City of Cockburn in Perth’s South threatened by Bushfire

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New emergency warnings have been issued in the suburbs South of Perth as a major bushfire threatens to engulf the city.

Perth, January 12, 2021

Emergency warnings have been issued in Aubin Grove, Atwell, and Banjup. The residents of South Perth have been urged to protect themselves and their homes from the recent raging bushfire.

Residents have also been warned not to try and leave the area. Residents who are living in or around the Propensity loop have been told that leaving would be a very inappropriate decision considering the stage of the Bushfire. The site of the fire was near the intersection of the Nornalup Close and Aubin Grove link. The intense blaze had compelled the partial closure of the Gibbs and Lyon Roads.

City of Cockburn in Perth’s South threatened by Bushfire

The area that comes under the emergency warning is bordered by Euphony Way, Lyon Road, Beenyup Road, and Freycinet Court in Aubin Grove, Atwell, and Banjup in Cockburn city.

Those residents for whom it is too late to leave have been cautioned to stay home, close their doors and turn off their air conditioners and leave the water running inside the units if possible. Residents have been advised to shelter in a room that has two exits and ample water such as a laundry or kitchen unit.

Other safety instructions include wearing cotton or woolen clothing with long sleeves and trousers. Wearing strong and durable leather boots has also been advised.

Other safety precautions include leaving their houses only if it gets burnt and the condition inside becomes intolerable. In such a case they have been advised to go to areas that have already been burnt and take shelter there.

Official agencies have guided the residents on preparing survival kits and protecting themselves against the Bushfire.

Senior forecaster of the Bureau of Meteorology Steph Bond has said that winds blowing in the southwesterly direction of 30 – 40 kph with wind gusts of up to 55 kph will continue to blow throughout the evening, however, by morning the conditions would improve.

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