The first candidate for the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is 82-year old Bryan Pinker

Bryan Pinker
Bryan Pinker

London, January 4, 2021

The Churchill Hospital in Oxford saw 82 years old dialysis patient Bryan Pinker being administered the first Oxford – Astra Zeneca, the approved Covid-19 vaccine.

Bryan Pinker

Bryan was vaccinated at 7.30 GMT. From today, Monday, a number of doses totaling to over half a million is ready to be used. Brian is a retired maintenance manager.  He mentioned that he was very happy and proud that the vaccine had been developed in Oxford.

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock has welcomed this move and said it is a crucial one in fighting the virus in the UK. The vaccines will go a long way in controlling the spread of the infection and in the long run, will help the Covid restrictions and bans currently in place to be lifted.

Boris Johnson however stated that in view of the surfacing of the new virus strain the regional restrictions in the UK will only get tougher, and not casual.

The Prime Minister said that the UK is currently trying to control the new variant if the virus which has a high rate of infection and spreads much faster.

A third National lockdown in the UK was announced, as Covid – 19 cases. continued to rise.  The number of new confirmed cases of Covid on Sunday was in excess of 50,000.

Wales and Northern Ireland are having a lockdown phase, which will be reviewed by the ministers and further decisions will be taken.

Lately, a lot of tension, debates, and arguments have surfaced regarding the reopening of primary and secondary schools.

Hospital trusts based in London, Sussex, Oxford, Warwickshire and Lancashire will be giving out the shots today, on Monday.

With this decision of administering the Oxford- Astra Zeneca vaccine to a large majority, Britain has taken a big step towards trying to control the rapid spread of Covid infections in the country.

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