Angry Truck Drivers Stranded at UK Port


London, December 23, 2020

Tensions escalate at the British port of Dover, between truck drivers and the police. The drivers are being forced to undergo mandatory COVID-19 testing at the UK Port. Meanwhile, France has eased border movement subject to conditions.

High voltage drama and scenes were witnessed at the UK Port of Dover, between stranded truck drivers and the police in the wake of new testing rules imposed after the outbreak of the mutant virus in the UK. The drivers who were coming in from various places were not all English speaking and were facing a lot of difficulties in accessing testing. Thousands of drivers were trying to get themselves tested. France despite the discovery of the new COVID-19 variant in the UK has eased its blockades and allow entry subject to certain conditions. A deal was struck between France and UK ON Tuesday late evening, which allowed access to truck drivers, residents across the English Channel, and French citizens to cross over at the border.

Angry Truck Drivers Stranded at UK Port

According to this agreement the people have to provide proof of a negative COVI d – 19 test that has been conducted 72 hours prior. This has led to panic and tension as drivers are rushing to access test centers. The British Military and the NHS or National Health Service have also sprung into action. The police were advising the drivers to either get themselves tested at NHS or at any nearby airport.

The drivers were visibly irritated and angered at the lack of basic facilities available at the port as they had to treat their trucks as their homes. There was a shortage of food and other supplies as well.

The Brexit transition period is also on the anvil, ending on 31st December. There has been no trade deal between the EU and the UK so far, that has led  to disruptions at the British ports.

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