New restrictions imposed in Sydney till December 23

New restrictions imposed in Sydney till December 23

With the Northern Beaches recording an elevated COVID – 19 outbreak, Greater Sydney will go back to the stricter restrictions imposed earlier.

Sydney, December 20, 2020

With the objective of curbing the recent increase in the number of COVId-19 cases, Greater Sydney will revert to the stricter guidelines that were in place earlier.

The new guidelines will include limiting the number of people at home to only 10, and a maximum of 20 people dancing at weddings.  These new guidelines will be in place till December 23. 

Premier Gladys Berejiklian urged people not to allow more than 10 people to come to their homes at one time until the midnight of Wednesday.  This directive included Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains and the Central Coast.

New restrictions imposed in Sydney till December 23

He further added that health orders would be issued from tonight mentioning that all hospitality venues that had indoor venues and were places of worship and other settings that had the two square metre rule would go back to the four square metre rule. This was done to put in place the social distancing norms to be followed during the times of the pandemic as a safety measure. There was also a restriction in the number of people to only 300. The main objective is to ensure that if one person is infected, the virus does not spread to all assembled at the same place. This was being done as a precautionary measure. In weddings, the dancing will be curbed to allow 20 only . The total number of people to assemble for singing and chanting at indoor venues including religious places will be capped at 5 only.

Gladys Berejiklian informed of 28 new COVID-19 cases that had originated from the Northern Beaches cluster. She went on to add that the numbers were higher than the previous day and they had every reason to believe that the source of the spread was the Northern Beaches community and were hence exercising caution.

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