Rugs2Restore is dedicated to providing reliable and quality services at competitive prices.

At Rugs2Restore, we believe in reviving a rug’s beauty and preserving the story it has to tell. We specialise in the cleaning, repair, restoration and valuation of all types of rugs, from Persian rugs to Oriental rugs, antique and vintage rugs. Rug repair and restoration london also trade our own collection of restored rugs for you to purchase directly.

Rugs2Restore is dedicated to providing reliable and quality services at competitive prices. Our experts have extensive knowledge of rug cleaning technologies and traditional methods that helps us produce the finest finished products. We understand that each rug is unique and requires special care which is why we are committed to providing quality yet affordable services tailored specifically for your needs. From simple repairs such as patching holes or correcting loose fringes to complex ones such as restoring old stains or making major colour corrections, you can be sure that we will provide you with outstanding results every time.

Our professional team is also experienced in valuing antique, Persian, Oriental and other rare or valuable items on request. All pieces valued by our appraisers come with an official report so that any potential buyers can verify its authenticity before purchasing a piece. Additionally, we are now offering free estimates for some of our services such as cleaning, re-dying colours or minor restoration work allowing our customers to get a better idea of what the price may be before diving into their project.

At Rugs2Restore: restoring heritage one stitch at a time is more than just a slogan; it’s our way of honouring this traditional craft from generations past while creating beautiful pieces ready for generations present!

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