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Different types of Facebook ads and their relevance

facebook ads

Facebook Ads are paid messages set up to targeted users based on their profile information, location and other details. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world with more than 2.3 billion users. According to some sources, over 1.7 billion people log in to Facebook daily. These stats show that Facebook ads are very effective.

The other importance of Facebook ads is that it can steer high traffic to your business and also help you to grow massively if set – up rightly to targeted people. Also, Facebook ads are much more profitable and effective way to market your business than other platforms.

There are different types of Facebook ads. We have image ads, video ads, video poll ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads, collection ads, instant – experience ads, lead ads, dynamic ads, messenger ads, stories ads, stories augmented reality ads and playable ads. Facebook contains a lot of great features that help in getting all these types of ads done. These ads work in different ways and they help a lot in boosting sales. Some of the ads are highly interactive and they can help in driving enough traffic to get sales.

Though, Facebook ads are highly effective, some people find it difficult to gain anything through their ads. This problem occurs due to the way they set-up the ads. Various businesses have targeted users of their products and services. Some of the users have specific locations. An effective ad should be sent to a targeted set of people. The people that are capable of patronizing a business should be noted. These people are the “targeted users” that the ads would be sent to. Facebook analyzes the full details of users on their platform and different ads are sent to different users depending on their profile details.

Also, ads content must be highly considered. A good and attractive image must be used to attract relevant audience. Captivating content also must be written with good “Call – To – Action” button. Facebook allows you to choose different ads format. A reasonable format should be chosen depending on the product or service.

An ad has to be short and meaningful. The product has to be explained to people in an easy, short way that can easily attract them. Major points that should be considered are the areas in which the product can help the person, what they can get from using your product. Simple and understandable language should be used too. Ads are for different users with different level of understanding. An understandable language should be used in order to carry everyone along.

One of the best way to improve Facebook ads is by doing a test. Facebook allows you to pay a small amount to run a test. Different ads can be run through this test to see which of them gets the most likes and comments. Through this, the best way to move forward can be easily determined.

Facebook ads that are set – up in the right way tend to drive good and reasonable traffic than the ones done without considering some factors.

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