Epic Games extends PS5 and Xbox Series X support to Unreal Engine

The games software company “Epic Games” now supports Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Sony’s PlayStation 5, using its unreal engine game development platform, the company announced it today. This platform support comes as a feature of the latest Unreal Engine release, version 4.25. This should benefit developers to launch games for the next generation of game consoles PS5 and Xbox series X. These consoles are scheduled to come out this holiday season.

Epic Games notified that this is only the initial support for the two new games console and it will soon be releasing updates with software optimizations, and fixes, so as to support developers launch for the next generation consoles.

<strong>Epic Games extends PS5 and Xbox Series X support to Unreal Engine</strong>

The unreal Engine’s “Niagara visual effects system”, was tested on Epic’s battle royale hit “fortnite game”. This has now left beta, and is production-ready in Unreal engine release version 4.25, according to Epic. The engine update also provides production-ready support for Microsoft’s Hololens 2 mixed reality headset. The headset is enhanced to Unreal Engine’s Chaos physics and destruction system. It also provides shading model improvements, improved audio features, and more.

The Epic’s Unreal Engine is one of the most widely used game development platforms in the world. It has powered many high-profile games. Epic made Unreal Engine free for developers in March 2015, However they had to pay Epic marginal revenue if they sell a game made using the engine. As part of its marketing campaign to compete with Value stream stores on PC by offering developers more relaxed terms and exclusive deals, Epic now waives off the 5% Unreal fee it used to charge for sales of games through its store.

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