WhatsApp is working on a feature to prevent fake news through unverified forwards

Whats app users all over the world have been complaining about the flooding of their message boxes with Coronavirus messages which are largely responsible for creating a widespread panic. As a responsible social media platform Whatsapp has now embarked on developing a new feature which will help its users ascertain whether the forwarded message is genuine or not instead of just forwarding unverified messages possibly created either the uninformed or those with partial inadequate knowledge, or some miscreants to disturb public harmony and peace. In India and the world over a lot of fake news has been circulated so far on the recent pandemic.

Currently on whatsapp your message is labelled as forwarded if you forward a message . The new feature which is still under development will allow the user to access a search button right next to the text message from where he or she could do a google search to check whether it a forward based on facts. There will also be a cancel button available to cancel the search. This information was based on a screenshot shared by WABetainfo.

Whatsapp is contemplating introducing this feature for Android users and then moving on to IOS users as well.

This feature will definitely go a long way in proving useful for its users who do not know how to differentiate the genuine forwards from the baseless ones. This will also stop fake news and the widespread of panic that is currently going on in the world based on unverified forwards.

The other big players in social media like twitter, facebook and instagram are also thinking of adopting steps to prevent the spread of fake news related to Coronavirus and COVID- 19 on their platforms which has a huge user base.

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