Xiaomi Mi Air Dots 2S wireless ear buds with wireless charging to be Introduced soon 

Xiomi is all set to launch a competitor to Realme Buds Air – the Mi Air Dots 2S along with the      Mi10 series. The Mi Air Dots 2S wireless ear buds are supposed to come with wireless charging. The Air Dots 2S could be offered as an accessory and be launched with the Mi 10 flagship.

Xiaomi is a well-known name in making appealing smartphones at affordable prices. The customers also look forward to the wide choice of accessories that the company produces.  In keeping with its trend of introducing innovative and interesting accessories, there is a lot of buzz and anticipation surrounding the expected launch of the Mi ear Dots wireless earbuds.

This new product is similar to the Apple Air pods and the company is working on an updated model for its global launch.

Although there are no detailed specifications about the product available as yet, one clarity that emerges is that wireless charging will be supported by this product.

With the proposed global launch of the Mi10 series it is expected that the MiAir Dots 2S could be offered alongside as a pair of accessories.

When evaluated  in the light of Realme launching Buds Air wireless ear buds at extremely affordable prices in India, last year this could well be a competitor game with Xiaomi trying to outdo its rival by presenting a product that is more appealing and an improved version that introduces wireless charging.

Reports released earlier this year indicated that Xiaomi would venture into the premium segment with its Mi sub brand. 

It was indicated that the Mi 10 phone would upgrade from being affordable to being premium, with many additional features.  One could now look at the Mi 10 as a premium product in the smartphone market with the best colour calibrated display and a 108 – megapixel camera.

Xiomi also indicated that the Mi Air Dots 2 S could easily be compared with Samsung’s Galaxy ear buds and an accompanying accessory to its Mi10 series.

The most innovative and unique feature of the Mi10 is its wireless charging at speeds of up to 30W. In addition to this it also has the reverse wireless charging feature of a 10 W speed.

This feature could be used by Mi Air Dots 2S to charge itself remotely even if it is away from a charging port.


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