Reliance JIO to charge 6 PAISE to all the calls to other networks

Recently, Reliance Jio has come up with a statement that it would be charging Interconnect Usage charge to all its users.

In, Interconnect Usage charge, one telecom operator pays to another. As per
the TRAI regulation, the current IUC has been scheduled at 6p / min.

Reliance JIO

Reliance Jio would be charging IUC to all it users until 1 st January, 2020. After the following scheduled date, the TRAI would be dropping the fees to zero.

The company has also come up with new vouchers for its customers at
different prices i.e. 10 INR for 124 minutes , 20 INR for 249 minutes, 50 INR for 656 minutes and 100 INR for 1,362 minutes respectively.

The company also quoted that they are compensating the customers by
providing extra internet data of 1 GB for RS 10 INR, 2 GB at 20 INR, 5 GB at 50 INR and 10 GB at 100 INR recharge.

For the post paid customers, the company would be charging 6p /minute in
their Monthly cycle bill. Besides this, all the calls to JIO customers i.e. incoming calls, VoIP calls and landline calls won’t face any kind of IUC charge.

The JIO company stated that they had to take this step as they had to pay huge amounts of IUC to the other networks. This potentially causes them a loss of 65-75 crore of the incoming traffic.

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