Google has come up with a more secure and faster android 10 GO version

Google has recently launched Android 10 Go Edition version for the entry-level android smartphones with improvement such as faster interface and better encryption. Android devices that are low end are going to get Android 10 Go later on this year.

android 10 GO

With the Go Edition version, you are going to get more secure and faster
Besides this, it can help you out in switching between the apps in a memory
efficient and much faster way as per the company release.

Also, with this version, the apps are going to be launched at 10% faster as
compared to Android 9 Go version.

Additionally, Google also added that with Android 10, you get new form of
encryption that can be used for entry-level smartphones called ‘Adiantum’.

‘Adiantum’ has been built in such a way that it can be run efficiently without any need of specialised hardware.

This potentially means that the Go Edition users would have access to the
same level of data security as any other kind of Android device without having to compromise on the performance.

With this move, the upcoming generation of devices can become more secure than its predecessor and hence very much reliable.

The company in another statement also told “ In the last 18 months, more than 500+ OEMs have been launched for more than 1600 + android go models in about 180 countries which includes South Africa, India, Brazil, Nigeria and the USA.

These devices includes Xiaomi Redmi Go, Mobicel Astro, Samsung A2 marks up about 80% of android phones that are entry levels that are activating today. “

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