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SBI Updates Debit Card Charges Starting April 1

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State Bank of India (SBI) is rolling out revised annual maintenance charges for its debit card users from April 1. Here’s what you need to know:

Revised Charges: The bank is adjusting the annual maintenance charges for various categories of SBI debit cards. The changes are as follows:

  1. Classic, Silver, Global, Contactless Debit Cards:
    • Existing: ₹125 + GST
    • New: ₹200 + GST
  2. Yuva, Gold, Combo Debit Card, My Card:
    • Existing: ₹175 + GST
    • New: ₹250 + GST
  3. Platinum Debit Card:
    • Existing: ₹250 + GST
    • New: ₹325 + GST
  4. Pride Premium Business Debit Card:
    • Existing: ₹350 + GST
    • New: ₹425 + GST

Other Changes:

  • The revised charges will apply to Classic, Silver, Global, Contactless, Yuva, Gold, Combo, Platinum Debit Cards from April 1.
  • SBI is also adjusting fees for debit card issuance and replacement.
  • Additionally, changes are being made to certain credit cards, with the suspension of reward point accrual on rent payment transactions for select cards from April 1. Accumulated reward points for these transactions will expire on April 15.

Additional Fees:

  • SBI account holders will be charged ₹300 (minimum) for applying for a Platinum Debit card, while no charges apply for Classic, Silver, Global, and Contactless Debit Cards issuance.
  • International transaction charges at ATMs will include a ₹25 fee plus GST for inquiries, with a minimum of ₹100 and 3.5% of the transaction amount for ATM cash withdrawals.

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Note: Please check with SBI for the latest updates and specific terms and conditions.

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