Robert Vadra’s statement in the property case recorded by tax officials today.

Robert Vadra’s statement
Robert Vadra’s statement

New Delhi January 4, 2021

In an on-going investigation against Robert Vadra related to his London properties worth close to 12 million pounds, tax officials recorded his statement in his office today afternoon.

The son in law of Congress chief Sonia Gandhi has been facing several charges linked to tax evasion. Businessman, Robert Vadra has come under the scanner for properties in the UK which he had purchased from Sanjay Bhandari who is an arms dealer.

Robert Vadra’s statement

Vadra is recording his statement today. There is a serious charge on him of having used the kickbacks that he had received in a petroleum deal in the year 2009 for the purchase of his UK properties. In 2018 a money laundering case had been filed against him, and the Enforcement Directorate is already investigating him for the same.

Mr. Vadra’s office is in Sukhdev Vihar, East Delhi, and the Income-tax officials reached there this afternoon.

Vadra had been summoned earlier by the IT department but had refrained from going due to the coronavirus precautionary measures in place. One of Vadra’s properties in Bryston square London is cited to be worth more than 17.77 crore rupees. His other assets too are valued between 4 – 5 million pounds.  The properties that he had bought between 200- 2010 are said to total up to a whopping 12 million pounds. Vadra’s firm Sky Light Hospitality was also pulled up in 2015 for alleged wrongdoings related to land acquisition and money laundering.

In 2018, a police case was also filed against him. There were charges of wrongdoings in land dealings in Gurgaon that were levied against him.

Robert Vadra has been saying in the past and still maintains that all the cases against him are politically motivated and he is being targeted.

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