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It’s Curtains Down today for PM Modi’s “ Mann Ki Baat ”

It’s Curtains Down today for PM Modi’s “ Mann Ki Baat "

New Delhi, December 27, 2020

Prime Minister Modi has been associated with his signature radio programme, “Mann Ki Baat ’’ through which he addresses the entire Nation on the last Sunday of every month. Today marks his 72nd address as well as the last programme for the year 2020.

At 11 am today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will speak to the Nation and also bring down the curtains for the 2020 series.  Narendra Modi, who is very active on social media, put out a tweet yesterday, informing the public that the listeners could access his talk in different regional languages immediately after the broadcast. Akashwani would translate his talk in Hindi to different Regional languages. The translated version would be easily available on the Narendra Modi app, DD and All India Radio.

The Prime Minister has invited citizens to share their views on what 2020 was like, and what their expectations of 2021 are. They could do so by recording a message at 1800-11-7800 or by writing in on the NaMoapp, or at My Gov.

It’s Curtains Down today for PM Modi’s “Mann Ki Baat.”

In his previous programme the PM had talked about how important it was for educational institutes to create a strong bond between their alumni by initiating and maintaining an effective alumni network.

There is growing anticipation amongst the listeners regarding the subject of his talk. News of threats issued by the protesting farmers to create a disturbance during the show have reached the public. It is said that Jagjit Singh Dalewala, of The Bharatiya Kisan Union has urged people to bang “thalis” as a mark of protest during the telecast of the radio programme. This gesture would be similar to what the nation had done at Modi’s behest to applaud the COVID -19 warriors. However, in a turn of tables on this occasion, it would be a mark of protest.

The listeners are wondering whether Narendra Modi will talk about the important developments in India in the past few months and his plans for the upcoming year.

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