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Social welfare officer, Karunesh Tripathi accused of money laundering, suspended by the UP Government

Charges of money laundering have been levied against Mathura based social welfare officer, Karunesh Tripathi, including other officers and organizations for money laundering in it is.

 It was learned through reliable sources of the UP Government that Karunesh Tripathi, some other officers, and organizations would face charges for money laundering in it is and scholarships in the ITIs will be null and void with their blacklisting on the cards.

Based on instructions given by the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, an FIR will be lodged on all officers involved in the corruption.

On Wednesday, grave charges regarding irregularities in fee reimbursements and scholarships were levied on Karunesh Tripathi leading to his suspension. The irregularities concerned 48 private ITIs. A probe committee was launched after the instructions of the CM and a startling revelation of 23 crores being embezzled was brought to light. It was also discovered that at least a dozen officers were involved in this.

It was further declared that there were a total of 11 non recognized educational institutes from which Rs 253.29 had been illegally acquired, and from 23 colleges nearly 5,000 students who did not complete the course were still given a scholarship of Rs 969 lakhs. Records showed that more than 100 students have been discovered who have the same fathers’ name and their names registered in the colleges. This data was found in 38 colleges. It was also discovered that 5,000 extra students obtained admission beyond the specified and agreed limits of the colleges. These irregularities at the Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) will also put the State Council for Vocational Training in Lucknow under a probe. As per the instructions of the CM, Yogi Adityanath, these serious charges will attract departmental probes and FIRs for the corrupt officials and organizations involved.

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