What? Delhi to be called Corona capital soon?

Coronavirus pandemic has created havoc in people’s lives. We have been calling Corona Corona and talking and thinking about the same for the past eight months.

Will our life not change for the better soon? Why is God testing us so hard? – These are the thoughts that every Indian gets when he wakes up in the morning and goes to sleep at the night.Now as the coronavirus cases are increasing in all parts of the country, this has led to disappointment for many state officials.

As per a recent report, the Delhi High Court expressed its anger by looking at the rising number of coronavirus cases that are bothering the national capital Delhi like anything.The court even went on to say that if the safety measures are not being followed in a proper way then soon Delhi would become the corona capital of India.

What? Delhi to be called Corona capital soon?

A team of Justices Hima Kohli and Subramonium Prasad said the Delhi government has become really irresponsible on the pandemic.The bench said the AAP government took the health of citizens carelessly and it will deal with the issue with the government on a separate note.

The high court even went on further by adding that the Delhi government has not lived up to its claims at all and this is the reason the number of coronavirus cases is increasing like anything in the state.

It’s time that the government takes the charge and handles the issues with its hard efforts, otherwise the capital will get a new name of Corona Capital in the country.

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