19 people from India traveling abroad test COVID-19 positive

We all are living in the coronavirus pandemic’s unlikely times that were never seen before.

Since March 2020, we have been locked down in our homes, unable to go to schools and colleges, working from home to meet the daily needs, and taking care of our elderly parents in making sure that they don’t venture out of the homes unnecessarily.

An Indian household is all about a family without which there is no happiness and prosperity for Indians.Now as lockdown restrictions are getting relaxed, Indians have started to go out of their homes, out of their cities, and now even out of their countries for work purpose and personal reasons.As per a recent report, 19 Indians who traveled from New Delhi in a Vande Bharat Mission (VBM) flight and landed in Wuhan, a Chinese city on Friday have tested positive for coronavirus.

This puts a huge question mark on the future flights that will go to China. One such flight is slated to go later this November 2020.The flight had 277 passengers out of which at least 39 are also doubted to have COVID-19 as possibly asymptomatic because tests have detected antibodies in such passengers.

The symptomatic and asymptomatic COVID-19 patients have been quarantined in coronavirus hospitals and zones in order to reduce the risk of other people contracting the deadly virus.It has been reported that the 39 suspected asymptomatic patients with coronavirus antibodies may be asked to go home in some days after being kept under observation.

This VBM flight to China that landed on Friday last week has the largest number of coronavirus cases. This can lead to further flights to China getting delayed.Air India is helping more than 1500 stranded Indians to travel to China with their VBM flights in the coming weeks.

Now let’s hope there is a way found out to help them reach their destination safely and without much postponement.

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