High level talks kick start between Armenia and Azerbaijan

High level talks kick start between Armenia and Azerbaijan
High level talks kick start between Armenia and Azerbaijan

After nearly two weeks of heightened conflict and war between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, high level talks began in Moscow on Friday. The war has also had an impact on the mighty world powers and neighbouring countries. Since September 27, 2020 when the war started it has claimed many lives. Both the countries, Armenia and Azerbaijan were under the Soviet Union and broke away in 1991 and have a history of war earlier in 1994 too.

High level talks kick start between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Iran has called for an immediate end to the war as it shares its border with both Armenia and Azebaijan. The President of Iran, Rouhani has connected with Nikol Pashinian PM OF Armenia and expressed the urgency to end the prevailing hostility and the need to work towards peace. Tehran has also extended its efforts towards facilitating peace between the two countries by agreeing to mediate. As of now Iran has not taken any sides and is seen more as a neutral entity between a Christian Armenia and a Muslim Azerbaijan. The Foreign Minister of Iran, Javed Zarif has also endorsed the need for peace in that region.

Russia on the other hand is backing Armenia mainly because of the weapons that it supplies to them and also because of its Christian leaning. Russia however supplies weapons to Iran, Turkey and Azerbaijan and Turkey is supporting Azerbaijan.

The spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry,Maria Zakharova took to social media on Friday, to show that the talks have indeed begun. She posted a picture of the foreign ministers of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan on facebook showing all of them seated on a round table in Moscow participating in discussions. This meeting marks the beginning of an important step taken to try and ease the existing conflict. India is following the developments closely too and keeping a watch on the existing situation and subsequent developments in the ongoing crisis between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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