Corona warriors attacked at LNJP Hospital, Delhi – just a day after the government brings in an Ordinance to protect them

The spate of attacks against the medical fraternity, the frontline COVID – 19 warriors seems to be unending. Just as things were looking up with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, creating optimism with his tweet yesterday promising support against any attacks on the medical fraternity who were at the helm of affairs battling the dreaded disease by serving the COVID- 19 affected relentlessly, day in and day out, today came as a big spoiler. 

In yet another horrifying incident today at the LNJP Hospital Delhi, a group of Corona positive patients created a ruckus and threatened the team of attending doctors and nurses. The group of COVID – 19 patients who were brought to the LNJP Hospital through the CATS ambulance were asked to wait while the doctors were busy attending to the other patients. This group got abusive and aggressive and even hit the doctors, when the security was called they got aggressive with the lady guard and the other guard too.

<strong>Image Source India Tv</strong>

They removed their masks and protective suit and came very close to the on duty staff and when they were asked to maintain a social distance they refused to do so and said if they were affected they would ensure that they in turn affected those around them too. A video of the incident was recorded. The doctors on duty mentioned that they were already battling the dreaded disease and now they had to also encounter such incidents.  One of the doctors mentioned that they are now wondering if they should fight the disease or such patients. They mentioned that such incidents create a lot of difficulty for them.

As per the new ordinance brought in by the Centre yesterday on Wednesday, attacks on doctors and health workers is now a non bailable and cognisable offence attracting a fine up to 7 lakhs and/or 7 years imprisonment.

It is said that an enquiry has been conducted on those responsible for the assault and in keeping with the timeliness a stipulated time period of 30 days is given to take action.

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