Hindus sadhus lynching by Rohingya Muslims puts the nation in shock

Hindus sadhus lynching
Hindus sadhus lynching

Social media seems to be buzzing by Hindus sadhus lynching that took place in Palghar, Maharashtra by Rohingya Muslims. Due to this incident, the entire country is shell shocked.

Two Sadhus named Sushil Giri and Kalpavriksha Giri alongside his driver by beaten by a violet Mob of villagers mostly by illegally living Rohingya Muslims.

Hindus sadhus lynching by Rohingya Muslims puts the nation in shock

The sadhus belonged to Juna Akhara community and they were praying and begging in front of police to save their lives. The incident took place in April 16th but only came into limelight when it was shared by Social media.

Recently, Police has arrest 110 people in connection and they found out they were illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar after they failed to produce any Indian Citizenship proof.

More than 22 people confessed that they are Rohingya Muslims after the cops found out that they called frequently to neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh and Myanmar.

As per the reports, it is known that the villages lynched the sadhus as they suspected them of kidnapping kids and harvesting organs in Gadchinchale village, Maharashtra.

Also, according to the statement given by Kailas Shinde District Collector, he quoted that the 3 victims were dead when they arrived to hospital.

We have arrested about 110 people including 9 Juvenile and further investigations and questing in going on.

According to the video that circulated on Social Media, the Sadhus were seen pleading to Police but the villages took them away from the police and begin beating them with sticks. 

The police went on to be just a mute spectator as the three individuals were lynched brutally. They begged for their life but the villagers had made up their mind to kill them.

Another big point of worry is the failure of the law and order of the state. The Maharashtra police were present at the spot but they did nothing in terms of saving the Sadhus. 

As per the report given by Maharashtra police, the 3 people who were killed were going towards Nashik from Mumbai in order to attend a funeral. They had hired a rented car for the travelling purpose.

Once they reached Gadchinchale village, villages stopped the car and started beating them which ultimately led to their death. The 3rd person who was killed was the driver whose car they rented for the travelling purpose.

Local police conveyed that they were quick to respond and reached the location in a very short span of time once they knew about the incident taking place. However, they quoted that the villages were big in numbers and perhaps they were outnumbered.

The Former CM of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis said that quick action should be taken against Palghar lynching case and strict punishment should be given to people who are found guilty.

Social media was buzzing with the hashtag  #JusticeForHinduSadhus in order to give justice to sadhus and perhaps giving punishment to those who were involved in such a horrifying crime.

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