Reviews of the group of ministers for poor people around the nation

The lockdown has created many crisis problems for poor people because they are not able to get their per day salaries. Thus, every family member of mitigating people is facing major issues. Therefore, Rajnath Singh on Saturday conducted a meeting with a group of ministers to discuss the poor people’s problems.

Therefore a group of ministers in the meeting included that many government people have given relaxations to many families by supporting them with economic activities. They have added that non-areas can conduct some relaxation period to the working poor people because it will help them gain money to support their family’s financial condition. However, the relaxation has also considered for non-hotspot areas, which means that where no COVID-19 case has recorded till yet.

Reviews of the group of ministers for poor people around the nation

Poor people are facing significant financial problems they are not able to support their family. Even many people are not able to reach their families because their families are living far away from them. Thus, economically nation is going very down, and it is high time to control the situation as well as the lives of poor people. The meeting is going to bring good days in India because government ministers have considered significant steps to support poor people.

Lockdown has caused adverse effects on the economy of the entire country, especially for those who lived on daily earnings. Hundreds of villages have faced this issue and had even grabbed headlines on this topic. Many parties have also demanded for the welfare of the poor people in this lockdown time. This was because of their job loss due to the pandemic COVID-19 lockdown.

Even the RBI governor announced for not paying a dividend for the past year that ended on 31 March 2020. The same will go on till September 2020.

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