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Increment in the COVID-19 cases around the nation

The dangerous Coronavirus has created a significant loss to the lives of people, and people are dying day by day. Also, on Tuesday, Narendra Modi has made the significant announcement of the extension of lockdown till the third may preserve the lives of people. However, still, the cases are increasing daily, and now it has become around 11933 cases. The Government of India has identified around 170 places that commonly consist of major Coronavirus cases throughout the nation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also included that they are going to make the rules stricter for further one week to detect other people of the nation accurately. It has also released that some states will get relief from the lockdown if they have less spread of the COVID-19.

Increment in the COVID-19 cases around the nation

Latest updates

The latest reports of Union Ministry of health include that there are around 10197 COVID-19 active cases, and 1343 people have cured of positive Coronavirus. The central government involved in the report that 392 people have died due to positive Coronavirus, and the number of positive people is gradually increasing. The worst affected Coronavirus states are Tamil Nadu, Delhi, and Maharashtra. The states have conducted an extension till 30th April from a long time to detect the cases accurately.  

According to the recent news, there are more than 50 cases in the previous 24 hours. According to the Union Health Ministry, India is on the second stage for coronavirus cases. The community transmission has raised this issue. Thus it is important for the people to maintain the social distance from each other. Otherwise, virus will keep on extending its footprints. Around 17 states in India have reported COVID-19 positive cases. Its better for the citizens to follow up the lock down rules as possibly they can.

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