Railway services closed till 3rd may prevent the nation from COVID-19

The COVID-19 has created high infection among people, and people are dying because of coronavirus. The cases of COVID-19 are increasing gradually, and many people have been killed due to the spread of coronavirus. That is why the nation has closed until the 3rd may prevent people from getting the virus. With the orders of Prime minister Narendra Modi of locking down the nation till 3rd may, the executive director ministry of Railway has announced the extension of closing of railway services till 3 May.

News from Ministry of railways

It has advised the people that they should not get outside until an emergency to prevent the crowd from getting the virus. Thus the railway services are also maintaining complete care and protection for the people. Every railway professional and railway worker will stay home until any next news to have proper isolation.

Railway services closed till 3rd may prevent the nation from COVID-19

Railway orders

All the railway services such as Indian railways, Express trains, suburban trains, Kolkata metro rails, and many other services will remain shut till 3 May. The rail minister has also ordered to close all the heritage rail museums, galleries, and parks to prevent the collection of crowds from COVID-19.

For the general public in North India, the news for the decision of not running railways is accurate till 3 May. The Railway’s minister has carried out this news and asked people for not making fake news regarding any topic.

Also, there has been an extension of lockdown till 3 May, and so does railways. It is just a step for taking measures for a significant outcome and prevent pandemic disease spread.

As per officials, around 12 first COVID-19 people were traveling through trains openly, and thus, they are the primary cause for the spread of disease. And now the counting of COVID-19 positive has reached the second level.

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