The Final Announcement by PM Narendra Modi made for the Lockdown Extension

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has finally announced the extension of Lockdown till 3 May to curb the spread of COVID-19 disease. Before this, 21 days lockdown was about to end on 15 April, but the pandemic disease spread has made PM extend lockdown period.

Thus to protect people lives and their livelihood, PM has made the final announcement for lockdown extension. The chief ministers of the state have asked PM for such action, and many states have extended before Modi could announce on the television. The extension to the Lockdown was his third message to the public in the last month.

The Final Announcement by PM Narendra Modi made for the Lockdown Extension

It is the best and successful implementation, followed by the public to prevent the spread of pandemic disease. Till date, this situation of Lockdown has never arrived for the entire nation. In his message as on 14 April at 10.00 am, Modi said that people have carried out their duties in a proper manner. Thus I salute them for such actions. Here the Constitution talks have been proved right describing “We the People of India.”

It is perfect to see that though people are facing many obstacles, they have been moving very patiently and following the rules of Lockdown. When there were 550 cases of COVID-19 positive, PM declared for Lockdown in India. This was because the spread of pandemic will take no time, and thus they planned to stop this mishap.

From the total 10,363 cases of COVID-19, 8,988 are positive, and till now PPandemichas confirmed for 339 lives till date. The decision of Lockdown was the appropriate decision as per taken to improve the lives of people with the belief that there will be no more positive cases of the pandemic.

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