A “Mann Se” apology from PM Modi during the radio broadcast of his” Mann Ki Baat”

Ringing in some positivity during his recent radio broadcast of “Mann Ki BaatPM Narendra Modi  was hopeful that by the time he addressed the listeners again in April, this challenge posed by COVID- 19 would have been defeated by India. 

In a humble gesture and with a show of magnanimity , after 5 days on Sunday, which marked  the 21 day lock down , the PM said he wanted to render an apology to all the citizens an apology for the tough decisions that he had to take which inconvenienced most of them and creating substantial difficulties in every way. He went on to add that these decisions were taken in the interest of the safety of all concerned and he the consequences of violating the lockdown would be a risk to anybody who did so.

The PM said he wanted to render a heartfelt apology for the strict and sudden measures that he had adopted to curb the global pandemic from causing greater havoc in India. He said he was certain that despite these measures and the inconvenience being caused to all the citizens, if he were to listen to the voice of his conscience he was sure that he would be forgiven by all the citizens of India.

He was specially apologetic for the impact the current 21 day lockdown would have on the poor segment of society who must be wondering what kind of a Prime Minister I was , having locked them inside the house , but they must understand that this has been done for their benefit and  good and this was the only option considering what is happening all around the world due to this pandemic.

He stressed upon the need for social distancing, yet at the same time clarified that this did not mean ending social interaction, in fact this period could be used effectively to infuse new life in relationships. 

He urged all those who had recovered from COVID-19 to share their stories on social media and inspire others.

He said that Indians were traditionally equipped to handle diseases well before they turned into calamities. The current coronavirus was a very dangerous virus which had imprisoned the whole world.

PM Modi congratulated the frontline staffs including the doctors and nurses who were doing great service in battling this disease. He said that they were the “frontline soldiers.” He reminded us that the current year is being celebrated in memory of the 100 years of the service of Florence Nightingale and complimented all the nurses who are doing a great job.

He offered suggestions on how the people could utilise the current time wisely .He suggested that they could pursue hobbies, introspect, pay attention to their existing relationships and so on.

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